Raising the Bar

A quality education makes changing entire landscapes a very realistic goal. With our acquired resources here at the University of Ilinois at Chicago, we as students plan to design educational facilities for future scholars. We're building foot bridges that connect community resources. We're creating and distributing clean potable water to people in unfavorable circumstances. Each engineered project helps create a strong foundation that can lead to endless possibilities.

Our Mission

EWB-UIC plans to help the developing world through engineering based projects. This student chapter has come back after a long hiatus with hopes to involve UIC Students in projects that empower and meet the engineering needs of developing communities.

Our Vision

EWB-UIC's vision is a world in which every community has the capacity to sustainably meet and self maintain their basic human needs. Our Chicago based student volunteers and faculty can bring about a change that will propel people forward.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2019